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THANK YOU to Start from Seed for sharing their space with Mother's Milk Support.

THANK YOU to FRENCH BROAD PEDS, our favorite team of doctors that offer comprehensive care to their families including recommending that ALL babies start their lives with human milk.

Please be aware that I currently have limited available hours to meet with all the mothers that contact me and I appreciate your understanding and patience. I do have a fellow IBCLC that can be available when I am not able to meet with you.


An IBCLC is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. IBCLCs are certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

A lactation consultation can help with many issues. Some of the most common concerns for which mothers seek a consultation include the following:
  •     Your nipples are sore and you have concerns about whether your baby is latched correctly
  •     The baby is fussy most of the time and does not seem content after feedings.
  •     Sore nipples that last more than a few days.
  •     Your baby is not having at least three or four yellow bowel movements in a 24-hour period, after the fifth day.
  •     Your baby is sleepy and has fewer than 8 feeds in24hours.
  •     Your newborn baby has lost more than 7-10%of his/her birth weight.
  •     You feel your supply is low, or you think you may need to supplement feedings with formula, or you have been advised to do so.
  •     Your baby is slow to gain weight, and has not regained birth weight by two weeks.
  •     You have had any previous breast surgery
  •     You are anxious about breastfeeding or in need of reassurance.
  •     You have been told to wean and you desire a second opinion.
  •     You did not have the success that you desired with your last breastfeeding experience.
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