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A lactation consultation can help with many issues. Some of the most common concerns for which mothers seek a consultation include the following:
  •     Your nipples are sore and you have concerns about whether your baby is latched correctly
  •     The baby is fussy most of the time and does not seem content after feedings.
  •     Sore nipples that last more than a few days.
  •     Your baby is not having at least three or four yellow bowel movements in a 24-hour period, after the fifth day.
  •     Your baby is sleepy and has fewer than 8 feeds in 24 hours.
  •     Your newborn baby has lost more than 7-10%of his/her birth weight.
  •     You feel your supply is low, or you think you may need to supplement feedings with formula, or you have been advised to do so.
  •     Your baby is slow to gain weight, and has not regained birth weight by two weeks.
  •     You have had any previous breast surgery
  •     You are anxious about breastfeeding or in need of reassurance.
  •     You have been told to wean and you desire a second opinion.
  •     You did not have the success that you desired with your last breastfeeding experience.

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